International Journal of Engineering Management

Volume 6, Issue 2, December 2022

  • Characteristics of Semiconductor Diode and Its Application

    Takele Teshome Somano

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 3, December 2022
    Pages: 20-29
    Received: 19 June 2022
    Accepted: 19 July 2022
    Published: 29 July 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ijem.20220602.11
    Abstract: In this paper, we have explained the characteristics of semiconductors diodes and its application have influenced the universe beyond anything before they might have thought. While the communications and processing records have been nonetheless essential via the humans, thanks to the semiconductors all vital duties have been conveniently accomplish... Show More
  • Artificial Intelligence in Knowledge Management: A Topic Modeling Approach for Construction Specific Documents

    Ezra Kassa

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 2, December 2022
    Pages: 30-41
    Received: 2 August 2022
    Accepted: 29 August 2022
    Published: 14 September 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ijem.20220602.12
    Abstract: To make sure that all significant contractual obligations are documented and managed, it is essential to have a clear understanding of construction contract agreements. However, the text data that makes up the content in these papers frequently necessitates the use of text mining. The topic modelling method of text mining, which is based on the doc... Show More